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                  This project aims at designing and executing the advanced development in embedded systems for energy saving of street lights with light depending resistor. Nowadays, human has become too busy and he is unable to find time even to switch the lights wherever not necessary. This can be seen more effectively in the case of street lights. The present system is like, the street lights will be switched on in the evening before the sun sets and they are switched off the next day morning after there is sufficient light on the roads. But the actual timings for these street lights to be switched on are when there is absolute darkness. With this, the power will be wasted up to some extent. This project gives the best solution for electrical power wastage. Also the manual operation of the lighting system is completely eliminated.

The main consideration in the present field technologies are Automation, Power consumption and cost effectiveness.  Automation is intended to reduce man power with the help of intelligent systems. Power saving is the main consideration forever as the source of the power(Thermal, Hydro etc.,)are getting diminished due to various reasons.

The main aim of the project is Automatic street power saving system with LDR; this is to save the power. We want to save power automatically instead of doing manual. So it’s easy to make cost effectiveness. This saved power can be used in some other cases. So in villages, towns etc we can design intelligent systems for the usage of street lights.

This project uses a LDR, which varies according to the amount of light falling on its surface, this give an indication for us whether it is a day/night time. We have placed IR sensors in both sides of the road, which can be controlled by Micro controller (AT89C51).The IR‘s will be activated only on the night time. If any obstacle crosses the IR, automatically particular light will be ON, for few seconds.
                        7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for Regulated 5V, 500mA power supply voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/12V step down transformer.
Block Diagram Explanation:

                               In this project, the street lights are switch off automatically as the day starts. The duration of the day differs from season to season, accordingly our module works based upon the light intensity so as to when to start or stop. For this we are using Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) as the light sensor, which communicates with the required information to the micro controller.

                        Here the micro controller, LDR, and relay are used to control the street lights automatically. When the light is available then LDR will be in the OFF state and when it is dark then the light will be in ON state, it means LDR is inversely proportional to light. When the light falls on the LDR it sends the commands to the micro controller that it should be in the OFF state then it switch off’s the light, all these commands are sent to the controller then according to that the devices operate. The relay act as an ON OFF switch, the load is connected to these relays.

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